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"Advertising online" has many different applications. In any of them, Maxiplication can help. Since 1997, even before there was Google, the agency has worked consistently in the online publishing sector. Also since 1997, the agency has been creating and maintaining complex online publishing projects, using a multi-language and multi-format approach.

What can Maxiplication do for you?

Besides the general task of publishing anything the client wishes to have published, the core competencies of Maxiplication are as follows:

Webservice - Maxiplication will check your websites for SEO problems. This includes checking for usability, web accessibility, and typical design errors like display problems. Also, your current status in the listings of all relevant search engines can be reviewed and specific ways to improve your ranking can be suggested.

It goes without saying that Maxiplication can take over the permanent maintenance of your website (webmastering).

SEM - (Search Engine Marketing) is something that should by no means be neglected. Your pages should not only rank high, the entire result page should reflect your overall image. This means that the neighbouring results for any search about you and your brand name should be controlled by you, as well. Your customers should not only see your page - but also many - and positive - pages about you.

SEO - (Search Engine Optimization) is, to many people, still something weird and superfluous. Many think that an SEO agency does something similar to staring at a crystal ball and mumbling important-sounding abbreviations (like: "SEO"). This may have its reason in the secrecy google maintains, so that no scientific approach is possible up to now.

Yet, after creating many thousands of websites and after years of controlling their ranking in the search engines, Maxiplication has developed tools and methods that will give results, and reliably so. Also, while the cause may sometimes be hard to understand, for our clients it is extremely easy to control the effect, as your pages rank, over time, higher and higher.

ORM - Online Reputation-Management means mainly to protect you against slander. Firstly, the offending pages have to be determined, secondly, they have to be stripped of their relevancy for the search robots. Of course, this will make sense only after legal proceedings have proven to be pointless. Usually it is enough to create a distance between you and the slandering website, thereby making sure that the hate pages are harder to find. The opportunity in any of these cases is a chance to do great SEO and to thoroughly improve your standing in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).





Poetry Slam Championship South West
Ravensburg / Weingarten 2013

maXiplication is managing the entire PR for the show 2013 as well as the advertising online.

15th anniversary

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