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Professional Writing

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Professional writing, or: hired author

For your website, you need interesting content; well-written texts, clearly structured documents - or entertaining stuff which will attract laughs and links. Maxiplication can create content for your pages that will attract websurfers.

At the same time, the content has to be structured technically in a way that it will rank highly in the search engine. The combination of both elements - attractiveness to humans and relevancy to search engines - is the core competence of Maxiplication Internet Agency. For text in the web differs stilistically from words written in ink on papyrus. The optimization of text, the accumulation of (not stuffing with) keywords and the careful insertion of links in paragraphs are areas only a seasoned internet author will excel in.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting, by contrast, is much simpler. It is more a collecting job than a creative task; it means to rephrase things that have already been written, for copyright reasons - and for SEO aims.

However, even a menial task as this can become quite demanding, since any search engine will create its own short abstract of what yoru website is all about; and poorly performed copywriting will lead to pathetic results. Also, it is important to generate an overall feeling of originality; to write copy is, if you want to actually influence the crawlers, by no means dull or stupid work. Stilistically, you have to be quite apt. For nothing must ever look like a cloned copy - not even in copywriting.

It goes without saying that the copyright and the trademark rights have to be scrupulously heeded; also, you need to know which words or slogans must not be used in your individual trade.

Maxiplication will help you fill your website with relevant content and not commit any critical errors. After all, this agency has been publishing online for fifteen years...



Poetry Slam Championship South West
Ravensburg / Weingarten 2013

maXiplication is managing the entire PR for the show 2013 as well as the advertising online.

15th anniversary

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