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You and the search enginesVermehrfachung Philosophie

Many companies rely on complex systems of user guidance.


Your online visitor will use a search engine to find what he is looking for, period.

The structure of a website has to be

  • hierarchical
  • clearly organized
  • optimized for the search engines
  • optimized for human readers

Any company that meets these criteria will make not only its website, but also the result pages of any search engine their most valuable display window. The search engine will be your catalogue. "Online campaign" means in this context, that other websites will assist in reaching the one goal: being more and more relevant for the crawlers. The philosophy behind all these statements is, basically, an acknowledgement of the fact that, in this day and age, all information is presented to people firstly by a search engine.


Long-term benefits

All methods used by Maxiplication are based on practical experience since 1997. They are measured only in terms of efficiency.

Thus, only useful techniques with a specified and long-term aim are being used. Besides, open source software and free standards are always preferred to proprietary standards.Not only is this a great way to ensure multi-platform usability - it also helps to reduce costs on many levels.

From the very beginning it became clear that websites have to present positive content and useful ideas. That is why Maxiplication also puts an emphasis on free licenses, voluntary work for non-profit organizations and protection of the environment.

Fairness and reliability are, also, an important part of the company´s philosophy. This also goes for any business relation. Promises are bad business - appointments and contracts are good.

Agile methods

"Agile" means that methods are lean, fast, and efficient. Therefore any solution that is being presented has been tested before for the following qualities: adaptability, versatility, and efficiency.It is always of paramount importance to minimize effort and maximize effect.

Viral methods

"Viral" means that content is created in such a way that people will voluntarily broadcast it, pass it on, divulge it. Especially in photographs this is an essential quality. Decades of experience grant that the multiplicatory qualities of the web, especially the mechanisms of the social networks, are used fully to your advantage.

Please find an example for viral advertising in the Maxiplication project for viral photography.

What does the turtle mean?

From the beginning, "Maxiplication" uses a stylized turtle as a logo. The sea turtle was chosen for many qualities: the ability to use both land and sea, built-in security system, but above all the extreme danger it faces shortly after birth, when it is most vulnerable. The turtle strategy to deal with the very real danger of annihilation is

  • to produce a sufficient number of copies
  • to choose places with care

This reflects our situation in publishing on the web - the competition is crushing and there are, literally, millions of adversaries.

So we need to take security into account, move slowly and produce many copies. Not too many copies, like stupid animals do. Just an amount that will guarantee survival. We need to choose our places with care - which websites to create, which pages to advertise on.

And our general appearance must give an impression of originality and safety.

Truly, which other lifeform could have been chosen to symbolize SEO?


Praktical upshot

The social and political stance that is used by Maxiplication has many practical applications. To engage, for example, in many non-profit procets all over the web, is one of them. Welfare is - in SEO more than in any other form of advertising - a crucial tool in SEO. And besides (and let this be an indicator for all your own work in white hat SEO) -


it feels good.



Poetry Slam Championship South West
Ravensburg / Weingarten 2013

maXiplication is managing the entire PR for the show 2013 as well as the advertising online.

15th anniversary

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