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A short history of Maxiplication

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Maxiplication since 1997



Participation in the "internet literary competition" by the German Newspaper "Die Zeit". Experimenting with multimedia, programmed literature, cookies, graphic design, desktop publishing, time-bound text reception, Java, and JavaScript.


Start of working commercially by the name of "Dreist" (= "perky" in German).

1999 Commercial work as webdesign agency. Online-Projects for local construction firm Dittus, Konstanz, and for doctor´s office Prof. Dr. R.D. Hesch, Konstanz.



Starting the freespace project "Seekultur", offering artists free webspace and free webdesign.

Start of an agency, at the time by the name "Seekonjunktur".


Moving to Ravensburg, Germany. Start of the additional work as a stock photo agency.



Creating a wide variety of Projects for small and medium-sized companies.

Discontinuation of art project "Seekultur", because the German legal framework for contributory online projects became incomprehensibly dangerous.



Rebranding: "Seekonjunktur" became "Maxiplication. The domain is registered and a website started.

2007 und
Fighting against online crooks; joining the association ""

Publishing the project for royalty-free stock photos "Ravensburg", offering royalty stock photos.

Starting internet project "Naturwerbung", which advertises ecological and environmental projects.

Starting work as a professional SEO and creating a special brand of influencing search engines.

2010 Publishing poetry in the online project "Gedichtautomat", (= "poetry engine"), offering texts under a free licence.
2011 Redesign of web presence "Vermehrfachung / Maxiplication"
2012 Redesign of web presence "Vermehrfachung / Maxiplication"
2013 Redesign of web presence "Vermehrfachung / Maxiplication"; translation of all pages into English.




Poetry Slam Championship South West
Ravensburg / Weingarten 2013

maXiplication is managing the entire PR for the show 2013 as well as the advertising online.

15th anniversary

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