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Black Hat vs. White Hat

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Optimize content for search engines - and be fair. ´Cause it´s smart.

whitehat-blackhat"White Hat" und "Black Hat" are simplified terms for fair or unfair Search Engine Optimization.

"Black Hat" means, of course, all the bad techniques; all the tricks, the unwanted pages full of lies, dangerous links or garbled nonsense. The one thing all these forms of web-spam have in common is, that they are trying to mislead either the search engine, or the human user, or both.

Some methods like "keyword stuffing" may belong to a grey area; others are literally indistinguishable from bad or incompetent web design.

In a way, it is easy to discriminate. Unfair webdesign will target the search engines. Any web presence that is created mostly with a human user in mind, will be a fair site - and these form the real internet.

Now the main reason for NOT using black hat is this: ever since their invention the search robots try to mimic a human user. Therefore, they weigh the visible content and try to find out how humans relate to it.

Search Engine Optimization that tricks humans, will also always rely heavily on automatization and mislabeling.

In the long run, this will bring big disadvantages and may lead to a site being totally undiscoverable.

It is like cheating in school: for a brief period, it solves many problems. But soon, somebody will get suspicious; and after discovery, you are in disgrace.

A well structured site with real content will, in the long term, get ahead of any black hat page; and to this end, structure and linkage have to be well-organized, clear, and plausible.

Maxiplication is not only an agency, but also a method. This method means to get the full worth of your efforts; to count on the efficiency of quality work, not automated and repetitive content-generation.

And this is why, to this day, Maxiplication sites have passed, in the ranking of all important search engines, thousands of

stupid, pathetic cheats.



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maXiplication is managing the entire PR for the show 2013 as well as the advertising online.

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